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Franchise Insights

2021 Franchisees in the News

With quality family recipes served at 200 locations nationwide, Rosati’s is a growing family, and we added some new members in 2021. Among them were two new locations in the Midwest—a Rochester, MN, location opened by Lance and LaRayne Patterson, and a restaurant in Sun Prairie, WI, opened by Jim and Brandy Davis.

Patterson told Med City Beat, a local Rochester publication, that he wanted to bring Chicago-style pizza to the home of the world-famous Mayo Clinic. “I thought it would be an interesting differentiator,” he said. Rosati’s 87 proprietary ingredients and decades-old family recipes are evidence for Patterson’s claim that he’s bringing a unique taste to the area. Patterson is just one of many Rosati’s franchisees who saw an opportunity to bring our world-class Chicago pizza recipes to their hometown. High-quality, Chicago-style pizza is distinct and tough to get right, which means that when you open a Rosati’s franchise in your town, it will automatically be one of the go-to spots for pies. 

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, the Davises decided to apply their previous experience in the pizza industry, IT, and business consulting to open a new Rosati’s location in Jim’s hometown of Sun Prairie. Both Brandy and Jim are fans of Chicago-style pizza, Rosati’s style. “It’s the spices in the sauce,” Brandy told the Sun Prairie Star in September. Brandy said she was also impressed by Rosati’s corporate culture, telling the Star that the company “is very family-oriented and they support you.” 

The Davises turned their location into more of a family-style restaurant or sports pub, with large televisions. They also have slice and soda combos targeting the lunch or late-night crowds passing through their downtown Sun Prairie location.

Do you see a bit of yourself in what these Rosati’s franchisees are doing? Think your town would benefit from hot, fresh, Chicago-style pizza, made from proprietary ingredients and generations of family recipes? Get more information about opening your very own Rosati’s franchise today!

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