The Rosati’s Story

With over 55 years in operation, Rosati’s Pizza is one of the oldest surviving family pizza restaurant business in the United States with unique franchise opportunities. Generations of mid-westerners have grown up with the brand and continue to spread its legend to every corner of the country. Still run by members of the original Rosati family, (All 10 members of the board are family!) this is an iconic family brand that has grown organically and carefully with a common sense approach.

Here’s how we came to be:

In 1895, an Italian immigrant from the region of Naples, Italy, Ferdinand Rosati opened a fine-dining Italian restaurant on Coney Island. In 1906, he moved to Chicago and started yet another Italian restaurant on Chicago’s famous Taylor Street. Since the restaurant gained immense success, expansion was the next direction. A hotel, saloon, and a small importing and exporting business of Italian foods were added to the restaurant. Back then, pizza was strictly old-world Italian fare, simply a tomato sauce served on crisp bread that Ferdinand often put on the table as a special offering to his customers and boy did the people love it!

By 1927, Ferdinand’s son, Saverio Rosati opened another restaurant on Pulaski and Madison in Chicago, right next to the Marbro Theater. Soon after, the restaurant became a favorite watering hole for the old Chicago society and Windy City politicians. On any given night you might spot Jack Haley, famous for his role as the “Tin Man” in The Wizard of Oz enjoying a hearty helping of Saverio’s homemade Italian specialties or contrary to popular belief, notorious gangster, Al Capone and his entourage could be spotted sharing a heaping dish of pasta with his so called “nemesis”, Eliot Ness.

When Saverio (Sam) retired, his sons moved to the suburbs with a new and timely concept. The year was 1964 and pizza was now a popular trend. Saverio’s sons Dick, Ron and Al Rosati opened the first Rosati’s Pizza in an Illinois suburb, Mount Prospect. By 1978, a total of ten Rosati family members owned carryout pizzerias.

Now with the Rosati name firmly established in the Chicago suburbs, the family took another giant leap and started creating pizza franchise opportunities by allowing their  restaurant business to go up for sale.

Today, we are honored to say the Rosati’s brand is approaching 200 restaurants nationally. Including the newest concept, the Rosati’s Pizza Sports Pub. The secret to our success isn’t a secret at all. It’s pretty simple: demand. The people who grew up with Friday night Rosati’s pizza in the Chicagoland area now demand this unique flavor and quality and family experience wherever it is they now call home. People call us every day wondering when Rosati’s will come to their area. The truth is no one else has this traditional Chicago pizza franchise and restaurant business opportunity for sale, to meet the rising demand. Great-grandpa would be so proud!

Authentic Italian food matched with authentic, genuine people is the Rosati recipe, and America can’t get enough!