Authentic Chicago Pizza Done Right

You don’t get to be a 56 year old restaurant by faking it. As an authentic Italian pizzeria, with pizza franchise opportunities for sale, Rosati’s is doing pizza right – the traditional Chicago way, and nobody else is even close. No other brand does what we do with different crust variations from Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza to Hand-Braided Double Dough to our Traditional Thin and Crispy Square Cut. Every piece of every recipe is original, ensuring Rosati’s authentic Italian pizzeria serves one-of-a-kind pizza from a one-of-a-kind family.

Rosati’s Means Quality with Over 100 Proprietary Ingredients:

  • Our tomatoes are grown specifically for Rosati’s in the great central valley of CA.
  • We’ve branded our own Rosati’s pizza and pasta sauces made from our old-world recipes.
  • Our dough blend is mixed just for us, our own unique flour is made from a high protein, high quality wheat only grown in the Midwest.
  • Rosati’s pizza ovens are made specifically for our unique crust styles.
  • We use the finest Wisconsin Mozzarella from one of the state’s oldest facilities.
  • Our sausage is made fresh daily from the Rosati’s family recipe going back over 50 years at a plant in Chicago.
  • Our pasta is imported from Italy.

As an authentic Italian pizzeria with unique pizza franchise opportunities for sale, it’s easy to see why Rosati’s is the best choice. We use quality ingredients in all our food, and we use quality service with all our customers. Becoming part of the family means you are buying into quality that is hard to come by. Our decades of experience have allowed us to perfect our craft and hone in on what really matters – the people. Our customers are the ones that have kept us in business. 

If you’re looking for something that is for and about the customer, our pizza franchise opportunities for sale are just for you. Rosati’s is an authentic Italian pizzeria that does pizza right. Whether you’re ready to learn more, or you’re ready to start today, contact us to get started!