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Best Pizza Pairings: Wine, Beer, and Sodas

Pizza is a savory treat that demands the appropriate accompanying beverage. What that beverage is might depend on the time of day, season, the setting or company, or one’s personal mood. But no matter which drinks you end up choosing, here’s a list of perfect pizza pairings so you won’t go wrong.

  • Kolsch or lager beer. In most cases, pizza is pretty heavy food, so you don’t want to go for an equally heavy brew like an IPA or stout. When it comes to pizza and beer, keeping it light will allow you to enjoy more of both.
  • Red, red wine. It’s the best for pepperoni or other meat toppings, especially on a Friday night in the middle of winter. For the most part, red wines are a good bet for pizza night. We’re not going to get into which type, because everyone has a different palette and budget. But we’ll say this: we’d only recommend pairing pizza with white wine if the pizza itself is also “white”–meaning with a sauce other than marinara. 
  • Lemon-lime soda. I’m sure everyone thought we’d go with Pepsi here. And to be honest, we do love Pepsi with pizza. But lemon-lime sodas are just so refreshing, especially now that we’re in the summer months, and their flavor is so distinct from pizza that it gives you a pretty good palate cleanse in between bites.
  • Sparkling water. This gives you the bubbly experience (and a little of the flavor) of soda without the extra sugar or calories. Sparkling beverages, whether they’re soda, beer, or water seem to give the pizza experience that little something extra; so crack open your favorite brand and get guzzling—the pizza needs a minute to cool, anyway.

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