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Three different types of beers in glasses with chicken wings and sauce.
Franchise Insights

Beyond The Pie: Wings & Appetizers Done Right

Thanks to the hard work of our franchisees across the country, many people already know Rosati’s is synonymous with pizza. And rightfully so—our 87 proprietary ingredients and Old-World recipes deliver quality in every pie. But pizza is not all that makes Rosati’s special. Our commitment to quality extends to our chicken wings, salads, and other dishes as well. Here’s why our appetizers and “side” items are far more than an afterthought.

Ingredients: We don’t use any canned or pre-cooked ingredients. Our chicken is hormone and antibiotic-free, and all of our wing sauces are made without the use of preservatives. Our salads are all prepared fresh on the same day you order them. We may have more than 200 locations, but unlike other pizza chains, Rosati’s prioritizes quality over quantity when it comes to ingredients.

Process: Rosati’s franchises are each taught the same set of processes for how to prepare our time-tested recipes. And it’s not just for pizza; that means that your breaded mushrooms, fried ravioli, and jalapeno poppers should have the same great flavor no matter which location you go to. 

Service: We pride ourselves on doing things right the first time, or making it right if it’s not. No matter what you order, if it’s not to your liking, Rosati’s will make it so. Our family-owned tradition means all of our customers need to be treated like family—let us make it right for you!

Want to know more about the full Rosati’s menu? Stop by our franchising site today!

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