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Franchise Insights

Choosing the Right Environment for Your Restaurant Franchise

So you’ve decided to open a restaurant franchise; maybe it’s sandwiches, pizza, or chicken. Now it’s time to look into potential spaces. Whatever food you’re serving, you want to offer it in the right environment that makes customers feel comfortable and gives them the dining options they’re looking for. In this case, franchisees have a few options: You can create a family-style restaurant experience, with lots of tables and booths for dining; you can build a sports bar-type environment, with a full-service bar, large TVs, and sports channel subscriptions; or you can create a smaller, more intimate space with fewer tables that is meant to be predominantly for carryout or delivery orders. 

In order to decide which of these options to go with, consider the available spaces in the community you’re planning to start the franchise. Availability may dictate what kind of space you can create, but if you have options, consider what your local competitors are doing. Are they only offering carryout? Or do they have large, robust dining areas and sports bars? Find what your competitors are offering, and offer something different. 

What are the demographics of your community? Are there lots of young families moving into new housing developments? Is there a large senior population or retirement home nearby? Finding out more about the demographics surrounding each possible location will give you clues as to how you should set up your business space. For example, a large, family-oriented dining area might be great in a suburb, but a small, more intimate space focused on carryout and delivery might be better for urban areas with a more diverse population. 

Have more questions on how to properly set up your food franchise for success? We can help! Rosati’s has more than 200 locations across the country, so we’ve been around. We’d love to welcome you to our growing family of franchisees! Call today!

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