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Crustworthy: What Makes Rosati’s Better?

With more than 80 proprietary ingredients, there are many reasons why Rosati’s pizza stands out from the competition. But even if you have fresh toppings, finely sourced cheese, and a knockout sauce recipe, it all falls apart without a good crust. So what exactly makes Rosati’s pizza “crustworthy?”

First, let’s talk flour. Ours comes from a distinct strain of high-protein wheat grown in the Midwest. This ensures that our dough is nutritional as well as tasty; we don’t ship flour from far-flung places just because it’s cheaper. 

Second, preparation of the crust is just as important as what’s in it, and we have perfected the science of dough mixing. We make sure to add all the ingredients in the proper order (you can’t put yeast on top of salt, for instance) and check to see that it is the correct temperature before we make it into pies. If the dough is too cold, for example, it won’t cook just right in the oven. This meticulous prep is necessary to make the magic pizza chemistry happen.

Finally, we cook our pizzas in a 30-pan rotary oven that cranks up the heat to 500 degrees for that perfectly golden, crisp crust that everyone expects when they order with us. Whether it’s thin crust or Chicago-style deep dish, Rosati’s crust gives your favorite pizza a flavorful and satisfying foundation.

If you’re interested in opening a pizza franchise, choose one that understands it’s all about the product—choose Rosati’s! We have spent decades perfecting the pizza-making process so you won’t have to! Find out more about Rosati’s franchising opportunities here.

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