Franchise 101: How to Use Industry Trends to Find the Best Restaurant Franchise for You

As with any industry, the restaurant franchise business has varying trends that can be observed from year to year. Of course, the advent of a global pandemic in 2020 caused some of these trends to shift heavily. Global Franchise Magazine has identified some of the top trends to watch out for in 2021. Here are some of the highlights that can be helpful to those looking to own their own franchise: 

Ideal Franchisor Today’s ideal franchisor, according to the magazine, operates some 500 franchise units with about 50 franchisees. With more than 200 locations and counting nationwide, Rosati’s is well on its way to reaching that mark, especially since it has only been franchising restaurants since 2006.  

Long-Term Value While franchisors previously placed more value on the number of one-time franchise fees they collected, today they are putting more emphasis on setting their franchisees up for long-term success. This means that when you open a franchise today, you’ll get considerably more support from the franchisor than others have in the past. Rosati’s knows about long-term success—the company has been in business since 1964—and applies this approach to its franchisees. 

COVID-Driven Needs and Opportunities As tragic as the global pandemic has been, it has created some opportunities for restaurants, especially pizza franchises. For one thing, pizza has always been a delivery-focused business, and this existing framework is helping many pizza restaurants weather the pandemic. For another, the failure of other restaurants has opened up many retail spaces for rent or sale, allowing for the expansion of franchises like Rosati’s. Business startup costs are also currently lower than they have been in some time, meaning there is plenty of opportunities for new restaurant owners to get into the industry at a fraction of the cost and reap the benefits when economies begin to rebound.

Clearly, despite the hardships we have all endured over the last year, there are plenty of reasons to pull the trigger on opening your own Rosati’s pizza franchise. If you’re ready to become part of our quality-driven success story, visit our franchise page for more information.


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