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Franchise Insights

How to Choose a Winning Food Franchise

So you’ve decided to open a restaurant franchise—you’ve looked into a few popular chains and have some money saved up for your franchise fees, but the options are overwhelming. How do you decide what type of restaurant you want to open, and beyond that, which franchise will you go with? Here are some tips to help you pick the right food franchise for you:

  1. Consider what will be competitive in your area. Chances are, there are plenty of burger or coffee joints around. What about chicken, barbecue, or pizza? Survey your community’s offerings and identify areas of opportunity. There may be six pizza places already, but are they quality offerings? (When it comes to pizza, Rosati’s has 87 proprietary ingredients and will outclass nearly any national pizza chain with its proven Chicago-style recipes.)
  2.  Consider locations. If you’re not dead set on a franchise already, the location could determine what type of franchise you open. For example, if you are eyeing a particular building or storefront for its foot or car traffic, you won’t want to open a restaurant with similar offerings as your neighbors. If you have a location in mind, consider what else is around and offer complimentary food options. For instance, a pizza place or sub shop might attract traffic from a nearby brewery, especially ones that don’t offer food.
  3. Consider niche franchises with unique appeal. Everyone knows Dunkin’ or Arby’s, and these brands have their fans. But in today’s consumer marketplace, people are looking for unique, authentic experiences more than ever. They are also looking for more upscale, dine-in-type experiences, even in fast food establishments. That’s where a franchise like Rosati’s hits all the marks. With close to 200 franchise locations nationwide, Rosati’s is a well-established brand, but it still adheres to its proud family roots, and its dine-in-quality food lends Rosati’s a unique authenticity that today’s eaters crave.
  4. Finally, consider a franchise that can be insulated from recession, especially pandemic-induced recession. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it more important for restaurants to nimbly shift to carry-out or delivery options; pizza has always been geared for those services, so a quality pizza chain like Rosati’s makes for a great option in the uncertain pandemic marketplace.

Learn more about Rosati’s franchising opportunities on our website, and get started today! 

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