How to Turn Your Pizza Passion Into Profit

Are you a pizza fanatic? Or maybe you prefer the term “aficionado”—however you describe it, you love pizza. But more than that, you know good pizza when you see and taste it. You know which ingredients make for the best pie, the correct ratio of sauce to cheese to toppings, and the right crust consistency.

Maybe you also know of a place—your hometown, perhaps—that doesn’t quite get the pizza game right. If that’s the case, you’ve probably thought about opening your own restaurant, but maybe didn’t take the idea too seriously because, let’s face it, opening a restaurant is a huge, complicated, and expensive endeavor.

But you don’t have to give up on that dream just yet, because there is another way to turn your pizza passion into profit—open a Rosati’s franchise of your very own! Rosati’s is a Chicago-origin pizza chain that offers an established, quality brand and consistently deploys pizza aficionados like yourself to the most pie-barren locales across the country, because no town is complete without a quality pizza joint. And why shouldn’t you be the one to run it?

Rosati’s has over 87 proprietary ingredients, from dough prepared from Midwestern wheat to tomatoes grown specifically for our pizza sauce in California’s Central Valley. Our sausage comes from Chicago, America’s pizza heartland. Even our pasta comes straight from Italy. If you’ve tried our food, you know what these quality ingredients add up to, and if you haven’t, we’re sure that our pies will measure up to your own high standards.

Taste the quality of Rosati’s, and get more information about opening your own legendary pizza franchise today!

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