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A deep dish slice of pizza being lifted up with the attached cheese getting stretched into strings.
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Rocky Mountain Pies: Open a Rosati’s in Colorado

Between 2010 and 2019, Colorado welcomed a whopping 155,000 Illinois natives, making the Prairie State among the biggest sources of Colorado immigrants during that period. Most of those Illinoisans came from Chicago, and they are hungry for quality pizza. Despite that, there aren’t a whole lot of great Chicago-style pizza offerings in major Colorado cities like Denver, Fort Collins, or Colorado Springs.

Rosati’s operates two franchises in the Denver metro area, but beyond that, there isn’t much for the diner who craves an authentic Chicago pizza recipe. However, we know from the success of those two locations that if you franchise, they will come! Here’s what one Chicago native and Google reviewer had to say about Rosati’s Louisville, Colorado, location:

“Being from Chicago, I’m skeptical when a place says Chicago-style pizza. I have to say Rosati’s is the very best Chicago-style pizza in Colorado—I was absolutely amazed by the taste and authenticity of their pizza.” Another former Illinoisan wrote that our deep-dish recipe “really reminds me of pizza in Chicago!” Yet another reviewer said it took them 10 years to find pizza that would compare to their favorite local joint in the Rocky Mountains, but Rosati’s was now their favorite pie.

Don’t make any more Coloradans wait 10 years to taste quality Chicago-style pizza! Be the hero all these Windy City transplants need and start your very own Chicago pizza franchise in Colorado. And unlike Chicago, with the great year-round weather in Colorado, you can treat your diners to mountain views, open-air dining areas, and patios. Pick a scenic locale and open a pizza place, and the Chicago transplants—and curious Coloradans— will come. Visit our franchising page to get started!

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