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Rosati’s Gets Bigger in Texas

Illinois and Texas may seem like polar opposites, but they actually have a lot in common. Both states have vast expanses of humid prairies. They’re also each home to some of the nation’s largest cities, with a healthy dose of rural culture as well. And thanks to Rosati’s, both states now enjoy convenient access to premium, Chicago-style pizza!

Rosati’s has more than 200 franchises across the United States, and East Texas is a new frontier, with about 10 locations slated to be in operation by 2023. One of the reasons for that is Americans have been flocking to Texas from other states over the past decade, and those Americans (like most) want a quality pizza experience. Rosati’s has happily obliged, offering that classic Chicago taste deep in the heart of Texas. 

Rosati’s now has multiple locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with another set to open in August 2022. Kitchens are also pumping out tasty Rosati’s dishes in Waco, Cedar Park (north of Austin), and Houston, where we are adding another franchise in late 2022. What’s more, we are proud to see that many of these locations own an average Google rating of 4 stars and above, indicating both the popularity of our recipes and our franchisees’ commitment to replicating that authentic Chicago experience, no matter how far they are from the Windy City.

Plenty of Texas-sized opportunities remain, though—we’ve yet to open restaurants in San Antonio, for instance—so fill out our franchise application packet today to get in on the ground floor. If you live in Texas, you could be the hero who brings authentic, Chicago-style pizza to your neighbors. Plus, you’ll have the advantage over your competition, with our generational recipes that come straight from one of the nation’s finest pizza lineages. Get started with Rosati’s Franchising today!

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