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Rosati’s in the Community

Rosati’s knows that the opportunity to serve great food in any community comes with a responsibility to give back to that community. That’s why we encourage all of our franchisees to be involved in and help out their neighbors. For example, Angie Sillin, a Rosati’s Pizza Pub franchisee in Temecula, CA, hosts fundraiser nights for local schools and invites special needs students from a local high school to her restaurant, where she teaches them how to make pizza and maintain a restaurant. Other franchisees have pitched in to feed first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, the Rosati’s in Cape Girardeau, MO, offered free pizza to essential workers during the pandemic in summer 2020. In Forsyth County, GA, Rosati’s franchisees Matt and Jeni Smith have hosted poker nights and fundraisers for local civic groups and youth sports teams. In December 2020, all Rosati’s Pizza franchisees in Arizona donated 10 percent of all sales to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

While many restaurants make it a point to be active in the community, few ingrains such activity in their brand: each Rosati’s location receives local marketing manuals that outline a variety of community activities, actively promoting community involvement for all 200 locations. Many Rosati’s locations have also held fundraisers for No Kid Hungry, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger in the United States. The business model of Rosati’s fits well in an era of increased social consciousness. If you’re looking to open your own restaurant, become part of a family with community service built into its DNA—Rosati’s Pizza. Learn more about franchise opportunities today!

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