Open Letter From A Sincere Rosati’s Customer just made my day. There is ”no” bigger Pizza loving family than us..they could only be our equal. I’m from Overland Park, Kansas…and back there…we are just one of your many,many fans. But you would know that…you would know how good you are. I never met anyone who did not say Rosati’s is the best..hands down. It’s not shameless bragging…it’s just a simple fact. I’m still stunned that I read you exist near me again. I have not eaten at your location…but in order to send this email I had to put down I did…but my goal was to simply give you worship, lol. I was blown away when I saw this online ad for a Rosati’s. I was in such disbelief, I figured it simply was a Pizza Place with the same name as the one we miss from where we moved…Overland Park , Kansas.

I’m sure I don’t have to say much more. We have been to the main one in Chicago also…but obviously the Overland Park one is probably the 2nd most famous location in the nation. I noticed how much you have grown now and all the new locations. Wow…our little Rosati’s is big time now. Sort of sad to know it is not as special of a secret of ours any longer…but hey…it’s all good. The more Rosati’s the merrier..right? . I’m ”old” now…lol…but I’ve been going to Rosati’s for a ”very ” long time…many, many years. About 3 years ago, when we move to St Petersburg, I sadly thought I would never eat at a Rosati’s ever again. No…we don’t regret our move here…but obviously there are always some things from peoples roots they will miss..and Rosati’s would be one of them for us. Definitely. I am delighted to see you are now in Sarasota. We don’t go over the awesome Sunshine Skyway Bridge very often, but now we have another very good reason to.

I will be anxious to come by for the well missed ”Monster”. I have not even checked your menu to see if you sell it..but I am guessing yes. But I absolutely had to sen you an email. Yes…!!!…there IS a Pizza God!!!! Without having even given your location a try yet…I already know you are the best place to go. Since we have lived her we have been enjoying pizza many places…(I shout ”All Pizza Good” as I beat on my chest) but not like Rosati’s. We love pizza so much it never had to be the best place to go…but now that we know Rosati’s is around us was the best news I can imagine to start the day off. Wow…do I want one of your Pizza right this moment…lol! Sorry if I sound nuts…but it’s true…I’m crazy when it come’s to Rosati’s.

The lunch time pizza-by-the-slice time of the day was awesome…do you do those? You guys rock. I can’t wait to tell the rest of my family wife Debbie, and son Duke. Sadly, I must end this with a close personal story. We have another son Derek Mael, who was 28. It is in his memory I mainly reacted so enthusiastically here. He was soon going to move down her with us, but was tragically the innocent victim of a brutal homicide in Kansas City about 9 months ago…but he used to delight in telling us..or teasing us… over the phone or by email that he had just gone to Rosati’s for lunch…or had bought a Monster..and ate off it all week.

He loved you guys as well…and he loved eating your Pizza with us as a family. he was injured on May 29, 2014…and died 5 days later on June 4, 2014…but I’m sure he is smiling down from heaven as I write this. He came to visit us in Florida about this time last year ad it was the last time we saw him alive…and while here, he indeed shared some stories with us about Rosati’s. you are part of our families history as we raised out kids…thank you for those memories. Even during trips to Chicago..we looked you guys up..but the Overland Park one of College Blvd…formerly 119th St…. is our favorite. i can remember when you guys were out there practically all by your selves..and 119th Street was practically still a dirt road. Again..thank you for the memories.

-Cameron M, St. Petersburg, FL


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