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Spring Cleaning Calls for Pizza!

As springtime rolls around, many of us will feel motivated to tackle that major household chores event called spring cleaning. Perhaps you have a few too many dust bunnies in the corners, a junk drawer packed to the brim, or a garage that contains dozens of boxes stacked up along the walls. No matter what your house or lawn looks like, spring is a traditional time to get things back in order. And you’re going to need some quick, easy fuel to accomplish that!

Pizza is a perfect choice for springtime projects and will keep you full and focused for many hours of work. Whether you are a pizza shop owner looking to sell more pies this spring, or you’re planning a cleaning project yourself, remember the power of pizza to boost that motivation. 

Pizza is one of the most convenient foods on the planet. Picking up a hot pie from a local shop takes almost no time at all, and won’t require you to stop what you’re doing to cook a meal or wash your dishes. Pizza is also affordable, especially when you account for the joy and satisfaction you’ll get out of each slice. Spring cleaning calls for hot, fresh pizza, and is even good as leftovers the next day! It’s an affordable, nourishing, and efficient choice when you have a lot on your to-do list.

If you are the owner of a pizza franchise like Rosati’s Pizza, now is the time to promote your pies for everyone in your neighborhood who is preparing to undertake some home projects, especially if it will involve the entire family affair, and there will be teenagers or other kids to feed! Why not buy a few pizzas to get you through the toughest cleaning, organizing, or remodeling days? It will be worth it not to have to think ahead for lunch or dinner, or to do dishes after all the cleaning you have done all day. 

Fuel your spring cleaning, or help your customers fuel theirs, with hot and delicious pizza from Rosati’s! Curious to learn more about how to get a Rosati’s Pizza franchise of your own? Get in touch with us today!

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