Why Franchise?
Freedom, Flexibility and family.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you are probably looking for new paths to financial freedom and new ways to pursue your dream of business ownership. Opening any business is a big commitment. Among other things, it takes a lot of resources, focus and time. If you are looking for a pizza franchise and restaurant business for sale, Rosati’s is a way to experience that dream of being your own boss without truly “going it alone”.

Owning a franchise is an asset. Building assets can be a path to financial freedom and even early retirement. The pizza business is among the very best margins available today in franchising and is ideal for the first time franchisee by allowing a better ramp-up period and business building learning curve. As Rosati’s has proven for over 55 years, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to build a lasting family business.

Of course choosing to pursue a pizza franchise to reach your restaurant business and lifestyle goals must be a highly informed business decision. But when matched with the right personality and the right business, investing in and operating a franchise can be a rewarding and fulfilling career and lifestyle choice. Are you in the market for a restaurant business for sale? If you would like to start on an exciting new franchise career path, contact us at Rosati’s today!