Thinking of Buying a Franchise? Don’t Believe These Franchise Myths

Every industry has its share of myths, and restaurant franchising is no different. Here are some popular myths about franchising that every potential franchisee should be aware of:

  1. “You must be extremely passionate about your product.” One of the best ways to kill a passion is to make it your job day in and day out. There may indeed be many parts of the job that you enjoy, but it really isn’t necessary to be 100% crazy about the product or industry you’re in to run a successful franchise. After all, a job should be something that fuels your passion, not consumes it.

  2. “Try to get in on the hottest franchise while you can.” Hot franchises can turn cold. Instead of focusing on what’s super popular right now, look at the overall makeup of the franchisor and gauge long-term stability and appeal. Rosati’s, for example, has a family recipe that goes back decades. It is consistent and high-quality, meaning it will be resistant to fluctuations in pizza trends, even if other franchises capitalize on those trends for a bit.

  3. “You need to work round the clock to be successful.” A franchise is your business, not your life. Developing efficient systems and competent employees and leaders should be your priority, not busting your rear running the day-to-day of the franchise.

  4. “You need a ton of business experience to run a successful franchise.” There’s a reason why franchisors offer franchises: They’ve already developed a successful business playbook. You don’t have to have the genius-level business acumen or have built a company from the ground up to employ a franchisor’s model successfully; you just need to have the will, work ethic, and organizational skills to execute that model properly.

  5. “You need a great location to have a successful franchise.” This is an understandable myth; after all, location is so important to many aspects of a business. But poor locations can be overcome by offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, as well as overseeing consistent marketing campaigns. Rosati’s gives you the tools to do all of these things, meaning that your location isn’t everything when you franchise with us.

If you would like more information or want to get started on opening your own Rosati’s franchise, visit our franchise page today!


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