What Ingredients Make a Restaurant Franchise Successful?

If you’re thinking about getting into the restaurant franchise game, you’ve certainly got a lot to think about. In addition to acquiring the capital and deciding which franchise to invest in, you need to come up with a plan to actually run the business. With more than 200 successful locations across the United States, Rosati’s has allowed many franchise operators to achieve their dreams. Here are some of the ingredients that make these franchisees successful:

Proper planning As with any business or large-scale project, proper planning for a franchise sets you up for excellent execution. Make sure you conduct careful research to understand exactly how much money you’ll need to open the franchise; this can be trickier than it seems because a franchise fee is only part of the investment you’ll need to make. Get a handle on your personal financial situation so you know how much you can afford to invest, and inquire about franchise loans from your bank or credit union. The U.S. Small Business Association also offers guarantees on loans to franchisees, so be sure to look into that as well. Some franchisors will also offer startup financing on things like restaurant equipment.

Follow the Franchise System – Although it may be tempting to deviate from the franchise playbook, resist this temptation; your franchisor is successful for a reason, and that reason is that the way they do business has been proven to work. Trust the process!

Train and Respect Your Employees Training is an ongoing process that should continue well after the grand opening. Lean on your franchisor for continued training opportunities and updates. Be generous and flexible with your employees’ scheduling needs, and prioritize wage increases when possible. This will keep your employees happy, which means they will deliver excellent customer service on your behalf. 


With a quality product and an expanding brand that millions of people already know, Rosati’s offers a powerful franchise opportunity. If you’re thinking about opening a Rosati’s franchise, stop by our website to learn more or to request information!


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