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Why Do People Love Pizza?

Everyone loves pizza, right? Many of us eat it at least once a week. On the surface, pizza can seem like an uncomplicated, basic food that all of us reserve for those days when we just don’t feel like cooking. It’s just a crust, sauce, cheese, and whatever toppings you feel like having at the time; maybe some pepperoni or sausage. It’s easy to order and you can always count on your pizza to be ready in a timely manner. Simple, right? Not necessarily. According to some studies, pizza may be more complex than we think! 

In fact, your favorite ingredients in pizza are full of glutamate, a compound which stimulates the dopamine receptors in your brain, the part of the brain which “rewards” you for pleasure seeking behaviors. According to culinary scientists, the individual ingredients that we use in our pizzas taste even better when combined and caramelized. When you bake your pizza in the oven and it starts to brown, the sugars in the food are “drawn out,” making the ingredients even more delicious and delectable. 

As you can see, there is a good reason for our love of pizza! Its deceptively plain components actually come with extraordinary qualities that keep us craving more sugary goodness. No matter what you and your family typically eat, chances are you still appreciate a scrumptious slice of pizza every once in a while. Next time you have a pizza night, you’ll know exactly why you just can’t say no.

If you would like to bring joy to your community through pizza, contact us at Rosati’s to learn more about our pizza franchise opportunities.

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