Why You Should Choose Rosati’s Franchise Over the Competition

If you’re considering opening a restaurant franchise, there is no shortage of options, and definitely no shortage of customers. Americans love eating their favorite franchise foods, whether it’s tacos, pizza, chicken, barbecue, or subs. But what are some of the things that make certain franchises more popular or attractive than others? There’s brand recognition, of course, as well as food quality, startup and operating costs, and corporate culture. Some franchises may offer an advantage in one, two, or even three of these things, but it is rare to find a franchise that gives the franchisee an edge in all four. 

Rosati’s has all these bases covered. While other brands may bring more recognition, with more than 200 locations across the country, Rosati’s can hardly be classified as “unknown.” And unlike other, more widespread brands, where Rosati’s is known, it is known for quality—it has 87 proprietary ingredients, all of which are true to the original family recipes dating back to the 1960s. As far as startup costs and franchise fees, Rosati’s costs are similar to many other popular pizza franchises, so in most comparisons you are paying about the same for a higher-quality brand and customer experience. When it comes to corporate culture, Rosati’s is still owned by the Rosati’s family, and company leadership makes a point to stay in direct contact with every one of our franchisees to ensure they are getting the support they need to deliver the experience our customers expect and enjoy.

Yes, you do have many choices when it comes to opening a pizza franchise, and some may be more attractive in different ways—but if you want a well-rounded, affordable brand with leadership that still cares enough to serve top-quality food and provide opportunities for growth, there’s really no better choice than Rosati’s. Check out our franchise page today to learn more about how you can open your own location!


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